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CANstruction 2017 - 10th Annual Competition

Date: October 6, 2017

Venue: Dimond Center

Theme: Science-Fiction

Entries: 4

CANs Donated - x,xxx (17,811 lbs of food)

Awards: Juror's Favorite #jurorsfavorite

Awards: Best Meal #bestmeal

Awards: Structural Ingenuity #structuralingenutity

and People's Choice #peopleschoice

Awards: Best use of Labels #bestuseoflabels

Team: Enterprise Engineering, Inc.

CANstructure: Wall-E

CANs: 4,900 (x,xxx pounds)

In the movie Wall-E, a Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth robot (Wall-E), is left on Earth to clean the abandoned and contaminated planet. After discovering life on the planet and a long journey through space, Wall-E helps future humans to see what they have become; lazy and obese. The captain of the ship states “I don’t want to survive I want to live” in realization of their condition. Our Wall-E will help those who are food insecure and barely surviving to help them to live. Our Wall-E is made up of nutritious food including a variety of vegetables and beans.

Team: DOWL

CANstructure: Jabba got CANned!

CANs: x,xxx (2,994 pounds)


Jabba the Hutt, the notorious villain from Tattooine, has turned a new leaf and is using past debts owed to him to feed the hungry!


In order to do this, he must capture CAN Solo, a well-known smuggler, who owes Jabba for losing cargo and not repaying the debt. When Jabba captures Can Solo and his companion ChewbacCAN, he exclaims, “Yahn Chass Solo chung wookie! Oh kohl oh yeah mayngabba ch’tass kun!” (Bring me Solo and the wookie! They will pay for this outrage!)  Solo’s precious cargo of CANned goods was seized by the victorious Jabba and used to fill many empty cabinets!


Team: R&M Consultants

CANstructure: Starship Enterprise

CANs: x,xxx (x,xxx pounds)


A starship on a mission to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; and to boldly go where no man has gone before! The Enterprise is dedicated to eliminating hunger in Alaska by providing the Food Bank of Alaska with plenty of macaroni and cheese, tuna, pasta and V8 Fusion drinks!


Team: RIM Architects and Reid Middleton

CANstructure: R2D2

CANs: x,xxx (x,xxx pounds)


When you think of Sci-Fi, one of the first things that comes to mind is: Star Wars.


Step back, look around, and enjoy our creation of a giant R2D2 in Alaska. This version of the robot is depicted in all three original Star Wars films, and received billing credit in the prequel trilogy.


By using primarily cans of beans and tuna, R2D2 stands about 7 ft tall and will support food shelters and food banks with a high source of protein.


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