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CANstruction 2019- 11th Annual Competition

Date: March 22, 2019

Venue: Dimond Center

Theme: Superheroes vs Villains

Entries: 15

Food Donated - 40,105 lbs

Awards: Best Original Design #bestoriginaldesign

Structural Ingenuity #structuralingenuity

Most CANs #mostcans

Team 10: Enterprise Engineering, Inc.

CANstructure: Going Bananas for Hunger

CANs: 5,000

Like many, minion Kevin is on a mission to save the world! He has heroically fought the purple minions and now he’s taking on hunger, one CAN at a time. To aid in his quest, he borrowed Gru’s shrink ray gun and tried to shrink a banana made of CANnellini Beans. Who knew it would backfire and he would end up 10 feet tall!


Kevin has further prepared himself for the fight against hunger by dawning protective coveralls made of Refried Beans, safety goggles CANstructed of Sardines and Chicken Spread, and yellow body armor comprised of Pears. Don’t worry, he’s also hiding plenty of red kidney bean reserves inside.


He is equipped with the proper proteins, omega-3s, and vitamins to win this battle and is ready to share his good nutrition with the world.


Kevin is going bananas for hunger, will you join him?

Awards: Best use of Labels #bestuseoflabels

Awards: FBA Most Wanted #FBAmostwanted

Awards: People's Choice #peopleschoice