CANstruction 2019- 11th Annual Competition

Date: March 22, 2019

Venue: Dimond Center

Theme: Superheroes vs Villains

Entries: 15

Food Donated - 40,105 lbs

Awards: Best Original Design #bestoriginaldesign

Structural Ingenuity #structuralingenuity

Most CANs #mostcans

Team 10: Enterprise Engineering, Inc.

CANstructure: Going Bananas for Hunger

CANs: 5,000

Like many, minion Kevin is on a mission to save the world! He has heroically fought the purple minions and now he’s taking on hunger, one CAN at a time. To aid in his quest, he borrowed Gru’s shrink ray gun and tried to shrink a banana made of CANnellini Beans. Who knew it would backfire and he would end up 10 feet tall!


Kevin has further prepared himself for the fight against hunger by dawning protective coveralls made of Refried Beans, safety goggles CANstructed of Sardines and Chicken Spread, and yellow body armor comprised of Pears. Don’t worry, he’s also hiding plenty of red kidney bean reserves inside.


He is equipped with the proper proteins, omega-3s, and vitamins to win this battle and is ready to share his good nutrition with the world.


Kevin is going bananas for hunger, will you join him?

Awards: Best use of Labels #bestuseoflabels

Awards: FBA Most Wanted #FBAmostwanted

Awards: People's Choice #peopleschoice

  1. According to legend, Thor transforms from God to mortal by stamping the head of his hammer on the ground and willing change.

  2. According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, Thor is the Norse god of thunder, sky, and agriculture.

  3. Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor; he trades it for a wooden walking stick when taking his mortal form.

  4. Donald Blake is Thor’s mortal alias.

  5. According to Danish scholar Preben Meulengracht Sorensen, Thor was “master of thunder and lightning, storm and rain, fair weather and crops, and the pagans sacrificed to him when threatened by hunger or disease.”

  6. Thor’s nemesis is the Midgard Serpent, a monstrous snake who coils and twists itself around the world.

Team 9: DOWL

CANstructure: CapCAN America: CAN Lee

CANs: 1,600


Stan Lee was the creative mind behind many of Marvel's most beloved heroes and notorious villains. From SpiderCAN and IronCAN to the finger snapping CANos, he helped shape the world of superheroes that dominates pop-culture today. Like these heroes, we CAN all joint the mission with the Food Bank of Alaska in the fight against hunger. "When you decide not to be afraid, you CAN find friends in super unexpected places. " Ms. Marvel


Team 11: HDR

CANstructure: Deadpool CANcels Hunger

CANs: 2,800


You’re probably thinking, what is Deadpool doing in the
Dimond Center Mall with all these other superheroes and villains? And yeah, technically, I’m not always one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. See, I may be super, but I am no hero. But you can be a hero! You don’t have to be super and strong like me to be a hero. Doing the right thing like donating to the Food Bank of Alaska will bring out the hero in you. Now, take a look at this epic structure, step back, there we go, looks nice doesn’t it? Help make a happy ending to hunger in Alaska. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Till next time, this is your friendly neighborhood Deadpool, saying, I’m never gonnadance again, the way I dance with you...


Team 3: Architects Alaska

CANstructure: The CANcredibles

CANs: 2,500


Jack-Jack Parr represents the future of Superheroes.  As the youngest member of the Parr Family, AKA “The Incredibles”, he has just revealed his unrealized powers of shapeshifting, polymorphism, and laser vision.  Jack-Jack is reaching for CANstructed chocolate chip cookies (made of white beans and black olives) acting and looking like a typical cute baby until the supervillain arrives to capture him to be his sidekick and protégé.


Team 1: Alaska Testlab

CANstructure: Help! Batman! Help!

CANs: 1,800


Jack-Jack Parr represents the future of Superheroes.  As the youngest member of the Parr Family, AKA “The Incredibles”, he has just revealed his unrealized powers of shapeshifting, polymorphism, and laser vision.  Jack-Jack is reaching for CANstructed chocolate chip cookies (made of white beans and black olives) acting and looking like a typical cute baby until the supervillain arrives to capture him to be his sidekick and protégé.


Team 2: Alaska Road Hogs (ADOT and PND Engineers)

CANstructure: Thor's Hammer - Mjolnir

CANs: 1,400


Villains, superheroes, gods, and mortals,
Thor stamps his hammerhead on the ground and wills a mystical portal.1


The god of thunder, sky, and agriculture,2
Transforms into a man keen on horticulture.


He trades his Mjolnir for a wooden walking stick,3
Then plants seed after seed as solutions to this tricky arithmetic.


You see, 30,000 Alaskan children are food insecure;
That’s more than double the miles of roads that ADOT ensures.


Thor and Donald Blake, though, are men of action,4
Whose core values help people gain traction.


Just like PND Engineers and ADOT-Public Facilities,
Thor is often invoked for his protection and problem-solving abilities.5


His nemesis is a monstrous snake who coils and twists itself around the world;6
It’s a metaphor for this pandemic that needs to be unfurled.


World hunger is tearing us asunder.
    Villains, superheroes, gods, and mortals unite:


Team 4: Dimond High School

CANstructure: The Evil Within

CANs: 1,800


The Evil Within is a 3D wall, 8 foot wide and 6 foot high, which represents the concept of Yin Yang through the “souper”hero, SpiderCAN, and the villain Venom. It shows that there is always some good even in the evil, and always some evil even in the good. In the wall parts of the characters are extending outside of the wall, SpiderCAN is extending his leg out and Venom is extending out his arm. We chose these superheroes and villain partially because of their coloring. The colors of SpiderCAN and the background are colors that are most appetizing and generally have more nutritious meals. Included in this design are many heat-and-eat soups and highly desired fruits and vegetables.


Team 5: BP Alaska

CANstructure: CANvengers

CANs: 3,900


Inspired by the Marvel Avengers, our team’s sculpture features Captain AmeriCAN, IronCAN, and the Incredible HulCAN. Our initial design included the Amazing SpiderCAN, however, just like the most recent film, (spoiler alert) SpiderCAN just didn’t make the cut.

Captain Ameri
CAN’s armor is uniquely formulated from refried beans, corn, and tuna to add some muscle (protein); whereas IronCANman has built his suit primarily of tomato soup and peach slices for maximum nutrition. The Incredible HulCAN’s skin is made of naturally occurring refried beans, and his hair is made of chili; HulCAN is always ready to spring into action (chili is a great stand-alone meal!). Together, the CANvengers stand on a ground of peanut butter and macaroni with meat sauce.

Like their Marvel counterparts, the
CANvengers (and the team that built them) are eager to help our community by joining the Food Bank of Alaska in the fight to end hunger.


Team 6: CANtastic 3 (BBFM/ Northform Architecture / Shannon & Wilson)

CANstructure: Fighting Hunger from Every Angle

CANs: 2,200


Starring Chili with Beans, Super Hero Shaped Pasta and Meatballs, Corn and Green Beans, CANtastic Three's Superhero CANtastic menu provides a CANplete family meal plus cameo appearances by Beef Broth! Italian Tomates!

Our 2,210
CAN cast shapeshifts to reveal four iCANic superhero images in tribute to Stan Lee.

Team 7: Cadence General / KPB Architects / Alaska Industrial Hardware

CANstructure: Alice in WonderCANd

CANs: 3,900


You aren’t going mad, that’s the Queen’s Jabberwocky. While the Red Queen is away her pet Jabberwocky, whom is the dietary fiber she needs, guards her rich omega 3 filled crown of tuna. Most importantly, the Jabberwocky protects the sweetest part of the queen, her heart of peanut butter. The giant queen of hearts card is our healthiest connection to our villain. The giant card is made of tomatoes and beans, not white roses. If you still don’t understand which villain inspired this wonderful CANstruction, then it’s off with your head!

The Queen of Hearts
CAN feed her Jabberwocky with this meal by making Bean Tuna Patties, and dressing it with a tomato base sauce. Since the Jabberwocky means so much to her, she allows him a healthy protein filled dessert which is a spoonful of her peanut butter heart.

Team 8: Coffman Engineers/ Cornerstone Construction / Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program (ANSEP)

CANstructure: Nacho Average Pac-CAN

CANs: 2,200


We have teamed up to take a bite out of hunger with this homage to the vintage video game Pac-Man. Blinky Pinky, Inky and Clyde are on a mission to keep Pac-Man from satisfying his hunger! If Pac-Man CAN power up a fiesta is in store!!

Team 12: Nvision Architecture / DCI Engineers

CANstructure: Smashing Hunger

CANs: 1,200


SMASHING HUNGER one CAN of foot at a time. Our missing-bring people together through design to BUILD A BETTER COMMUNITY. Avengers Missing-using their extraordinary abilities and personal convictions as a team to stamp-out forces that harm the world. CANstruction Mission-teaming up together, Nvision Architecture and DCI Engineers see to use their individual missions, talents, abilities, and passion to SMASH OUT HUNGER in our community, one CAN of foot at a time.

Team 13: R&M Consultants / AMC Engineers

CANstructure: Infinity Gauntlet

CANs: 1,300


Hero, villain, or both? CAN-os was on a mission to collect all six infinity stones to create the Infinity Gauntlet, and engineering Marvel. His mission…to erase hunger! CAN-os succeeded in his mission and Snapped half the universes’ hunger. This structure represents the power we ALL hold in our hands to bring relief to struggling families and help put them on the road to healthy, hunger-free lives.

Team 14: RIM Architects / Reid Middleton

CANstructure: Eye of Sauron

CANs: 1,400


The “Eye of Sauron” towers above all other CANstructures in Middle Earth approaching 8 feet in height.  Constructed with over 1,400 CANs of beans, peaches and spaghetti rings, this evil tower watches hunger spread throughout the land.  But little does the eye know . . . that fighting hunger starts with one CAN.

CAN feed them all, one CAN help them, one CAN will turn to many and in the end, fight the hunger!

Team 15: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

CANstructure: Pac-CAN

CANs: 900


CAN Pac-Man get to the power pellet before Blinky the ghost gets him? Our hero races through the maze in this arcade classic to eat dots and rack up points while avoiding his adversary. You CAN help chase away hunger with your donation to the Food Bank of Alaska.