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CANstruction 2022 - 14th Annual Competition

Date: March 24, 2023

Venue: 5th Avenue Mall

Theme: Food

Entries: 13

Food Donated - x pounds

Awards: Best Original Design #bestoriginaldesign

Structural Ingenuity #structuralingenuity

Awards: Best use of Labels #bestuseoflabels

Team 11: RIM / Reid Middleton

CANstructure: Coffee and Donuts (Donut Worry!)

CANs: 1,378

With 1,378 CANs worth of long grain brown rice, shrimp flavored top ramen, whole wheat penne regate and great northern beans, we got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Team 10: R&M Consultants

CANstructure: Sushi Boat

CANs: 2,239


Sushi boats are small, light and full of nourishment. Fore community members facing food instability, it can bring much needed nourishment.

Our CANstructure contains some of the heartiest staples: chicken broth, baked beans, lentils, chili and tuna. All of these items provide significant protein and important micornutrients.

FBA Staff Choice #FBAstaffchoice

Most CANs #mostcans

Team 6: Enteprise Engineering, Inc.

CANstructure: AmeriCAN Food

CANs: 6,200


Introducing Team AmeriCAN Foodies, a group who are passionate about fighting
hunger in our community and country! For the CANstruction Anchorage 2023
event, we are building a mouth-watering cheeseburger, a refreshing cola, and
crispy fries dipped in ketchup.

As the team worked on our structure, we couldn't help but think of the staggering statistics of hunger in America. An estimated 10% of people were food insecure in 2021 and an even higher percentage in 2022. Team AmeriCAN Food is determined
to make a difference.
Our structure is not just a fun representation of a classic Ameri
CAN meal but also a symbol of hope for those in need. The cheeseburger is made up of a variety of cans including olives, an assortment of vegetables, tuna, and garbanzo beans. The refreshing cola is also packed full of yummy vegetables. The fries are a crispy golden brown made from CANs of peaches, and a pile of delicious ketchup is made fittingly from CANned tomatoes.
The team worked tirelessly to create this impressive structure, consisting of thousands of
CANs assembled with precision and care. The cheeseburger stands tall and proud, enticing all who pass by to join the fight against hunger.
Join Team Ameri
CAN Foodies in our mission to combat hunger in Alaska and beyond. Remember, every CAN counts, and together we can make a significant difference our communities.

This narrative was significantly written (~80%+) by ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, by OpenAI, based on
our prompt describing our last 3 structures and giving it those narratives.

Awards: FBA Most Wanted #FBAmostwanted

Awards: People's Choice #peopleschoice