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Q: How are the CANs procured?

A: Carrs and Fred Meyer offers CANs at a reduced price for teams competing in CANstruction.

Q: How do teams pay for the CANs?

A: Some companies fully or partially support their teams. Others fund-raise through different methods friends/family/team members/others. However the money is raised, the money is paid to the Food Bank of Alaska, which allows it to count as a charitable donation.

Q: What is the typical CAN cost? CANstructure Cost?

A: (UPDATED NOV 2023) There are lots of CANs around $1.09, but more specialized CANs may be more expensive (even a few dollars each).   We dont have full data from all past structures, but we would estimate to plan to spend $3,000 - $7,000, although you can still build with less and all CANs go to a great cause, even if your structure is smaller. However, CAN costs, colors and sizes vary by year, please check out availability of each CAN you are planning to use each year.

Q: Is there a list of CANs with costs and colors for us to use to plan?

A: No. We have some past data, but since CANs may change color/size at any time, teams are encouraged to make grocery store visit(s) early in the planning process.  Costs may be less than marked in the stores. You may use the CAN order form to send in a preliminary list of CANs to get pricing from Carrs to help with decision making.

Q: Are other supplies procured (wire, Velcro, etc.) procured through any particular vendor? Do any other vendors sponsor the event by offering discounted pricing for these sort of supplies? Does the event provide any of these materials?

A: No. These additional costs are typically very small compared to the cost of the CANs. Teams must provide and bring build materials, other than CANs ordered.

Q: How strictly must our structure follow the theme?

A: Teams are free to use their imagination to interpret the theme.

Q: How detailed does the sketch need to be?

A: Preliminary sketch and sketch for team board CAN be as detailed as you would like. Final sketch for team board may be different than preliminary sketch.

Q: CAN teams practice building on-site?

A: NO practice is allowed on-site. Practicing parts of your structure and building techniques at your office or other off-site location is encouraged.

Q: CAN large restaurant size cans can be used/donated?

A: YES! FBA has 40 partner agencies, many of which have use for larger size cans.

Q: What is the typical CANstructure size? CAN they be hollow?

A: See chart below. Yes, they CAN be hollow, but lets try to raise the average! Larger structures typically do better in judging. Numbers in each group indicate a winning structure used that many CANs.

CANstruction Anchorage historical can co
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