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Rules and Regulations

  • Awards will be given in the following categories:

    • Best Original Design #bestoriginaldesign

    • Most CANs #mostCANs

    • People's Choice #peopleschoice

    • Best use of Labels #bestuseoflabels

    • Structural Ingenuity #structuralingenuity

    • Food Bank of Alaska #fbamostwated (see more here)

  • After all the competitions are held, local winners go on to compete internationally through submission of photography to a panel of jurors that convenes at the Society for Design Administration/American Institute of Architects International Convention.

  • Each team must consist of representatives from Alaska’s Architect/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry. Schools are allowed if they have an A/E/C mentor. Only five people will be permitted to build at one time during build day. Teams may swap out members, regardless of how many people in the team participate.

  • Maximum size of any structure is 10 feet long by 10 feet wide by 10 feet tall.

  • Allowable Items

    • Food CANs of all sizes

    • Velcro

    • Clear tape

    • Rubber bands

    • String

    • Wire

  • Discouraged Items - Judges will likely score CANstructures less favorably.

    • Empty CANs or intentionally damaged labels. This includes permanent adhesives where labels or CANs would have to be damaged to taken apart. Neither CAN be accepted by the Food Bank.

    • Props - Judges prefer pure food structures. Try to solve all design problems with food items. All things equal, a structure with props will likely be judged less than one without.

  • Prohibited Items

    • Soda.

    • Junk food.

    • Glass containers.

    • Pet food.

    • Alcoholic beverages.

    • Opened or exposed food (attracts vermin and CAN't be donated).

  • Structural Support - for Best Original Design and Structural Ingenuity Awards. Use of these items doesn't affect other awards.

    • Structures which are supported by something other than on the allowable list may be disqualified.

    • Structures where leveling boards are seen will likely be scored less favorably.

  • Teams should visit their assigned site in advance of the build-out date to determine if there are any problems in positioning their entry in the space provided. Build locations will be announced prior to event.

  • Teams may provide a base under their structure.


  • Teams are responsible for obtaining and purchasing their own supply of CANned goods. Discounted CANned goods are available to all teams through Carrs/Safeway and/or Fred Meyer.

  • All food orders must be placed in accordance with the event schedule. If your team orders food through Carrs/Safeway or Fred Meyer, Food Bank of Alaska will coordinate the logistics of delivering your CANs to the venue prior to the build day.

  • Each store will invoice Food Bank of Alaska and FBA will issue invoices after the orders are placed and food is received. This makes the payment tax deductible.



An Excel Spreadsheet is located here. Each team needs to complete the spreadsheet.


  • Detailed ”shopping list” of all CANs – name, UPC code, and quantity of each food product

  • Total number of CANs

  • Total cost whether purchased or donated.



Each entry will have a board (on self-standing easel back) that sits adjacent to the entry. Easel will be provided by the Steering Committee. Due to the enthusiasm from past years event we are requiring teams to create their own posters. There may be a contest for best poster (to be determined). Teams that are unable to create a poster should contact the Steering Committee who may be able to provide assistance. See instructions for creating team board (coming soon).





  • Build day will be from noon to midnight.

  • If you have a chance to practice building in your office, take that opportunity to lessen surprises on build day.

  • Bring plenty of extra supplies (tape, scissors, foam-core, cardboard) – over estimate.

  • Bring a ladder(s) if you are building a tall CANstructure.

  • If you find that your team needs additional CANs to supplement your structure, you may purchase food and bring it to the site the day of the build out.

  • We will contact your team captain if your structure looks like it is structurally unsound and may collapse or fall. Be prepared to go over and fix immediately. If rebuilding is impossible, box up CANs.



  • Judging will be the morning  (~0800-1100) after build day.

  • Team members must not be on location at the time of judging.



  • A reception and award ceremony will be held in April 2024 and is for teams only.

  • Casual Attire



  • CANstruction sculptures will remain on display until De-CANstruction occurs.

  • Public Voting - more details to come


  • more details to come

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